Cranrail - A Strong History of Support throughout the USA

Cranrail – A Strong History of Support throughout the USA

The original GANTRAIL Crane Rail Clips were designed, developed, and patented in the UK by the Consulting Engineers W.S. Atkins & Partners through their subsidiary Kins Developments Ltd. These were licensed to GANTRAIL in the early 1970’S by way of a formal licensing agreement.  In 1982 GANTRAIL became the sole proprietors of the UK Patents. The products were also licensed to others in 1974, and under an earlier formal arrangement with Gantry Railing Limited, were also marketed by others under the name “GANTRAIL”, an arrangement which finally expired 20th December 1992.

Between the 1970’s and year 2000, the GANTRAIL Trademark was subsequently registered in many countries around the world but owing to a long running dispute over use of the mark in the USA, an agreement was made whereby neither party would use the mark.  Instead, Gantry Railing Limited registered the Trademark “CRANRAIL®” and have traded in the USA under this name from 1998 until 2017 when the original dispute was finally resolved. Whilst we still retain the Trademark CRANRAIL, we now trade Worldwide including the USA under the Trademark GANTRAIL.

The original patents have long since expired, but GANTRAIL have continued to develop new, innovative, and industry leading patented products through an ever-increasing investment into research & development.  At the time of writing, we have applied for no less than 41 patents since 2015 with 20 being granted so far.  These include our Mark 8 Steel Reinforced Pad, Adjustable Soleplate System and 25 series Cam Adjustable Clips to name a few.

The GANTRAIL Crane Rail System is now strategically manufactured in multiple countries around the world which we are proud to say, still includes the United Kingdom. We only use the highest quality forgings, castings and elastomers, and the products carry a standard factory backed guarantee of 2 years.  Certificates of Test and/or Conformity are provided in accordance with national standards such as EN 10204 when requested.

Gantry Railing Limited continue to operate a quality assurance system meeting the requirements of International Standard ISO 9000:2015.

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