Rail System Design

Rail System Design

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Gantrail has been designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing crane rail systems for over 50 years. It is the knowledge and wealth of experience that has been collected during that time that ensures we have the capability to assist you in the design of your crane rail system. Our reputation within the industry remains unrivalled and is endorsed by the repeat business we get. Consultants, civil engineers and manufacturers of cranes and handling machinery depend largely upon our knowledge and experience in all matters relating to crane tracks.

We have encountered nearly every type of problem that you are likely to face and most likely have already developed a solution. However, with every evolving industry there are always new challenges and our Technical Department has the experience and know-how to develop a specific solution for your project.

We can help you at any stage of your project, whether you are a consultant looking to produce tender specifications, through to an end-user with little or no knowledge of crane rail system design looking for a complete tailored solution.

Our Technical Department can help you with the following:

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Innovation and Investment

We use the latest 2D and 3D CAD systems along with finite element modelling to provide our customers with the necessary documentation to support their design.

As well our standard product range, we have also designed and installed a number of bespoke crane rail solutions for nuclear and seismically qualified applications. We understand the strict quality control requirements of such projects and have the necessary procedures and processes in place to ensure that we meet the requirements of these projects whilst also satisfying the requirements of ISO 9001.

Gantrail are constantly innovating to bring new products to industry that solves problems such as constructing ports and their rail systems on reclaimed land. Our ongoing Research and Development programme ensures that we continually move forwards.

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Crane Rails

Crane rails come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The designs have been developed to meet individual countries requirements with some being squat and wide and others are taller and similar in shape to railway rails but they are all more robust. There are now only a few ‘families’ of rails with similar shapes and a range of sizes. Most crane rails range in head width from 45mm to 150mm. A common feature is a thick web to carry the load to the base. There are also a range of steel metallurgies. At their most basic they are made from high carbon manganese steel but some are more highly alloyed. They are all difficult to weld. Gantrail will normal comment on any chosen rail for a project or propose the most suitable choices.

Crane Rail Pads

It is an advantage if a rail can rotate a small amount around an axis along its length. This allows the rail to take up a position that matches the wheel and as a result reduces the compressive stresses in the tread of the wheel and the head of the rail. Gantrail supply steel reinforced crane rail pads that allow this. They have been proven in thousands of applications for over 50 years. They also eliminate the metal to metal contact and reduce corrosion between the rail and its support.

Crane Rail Fixing Clips

It is not practical to fasten crane rails rigidly to the support on which they are mounted. Rails need to be adjusted to the correct position and to be able to move small amounts along the support. They also need to be able to rotate about an axis along their length. But they should be fixed rigidly from significant sideways movement. Gantrail have developed a range of adjustable crane rail fixing clips for all sizes of rail. These can be fastened by means of bolting or by welding to a steel surface. Some in the range will resist the highest expected loads but other are compact and light and are for smaller applications.

Steel Soleplates & Bolts

Most sole plates look like simple plates of steel with many holes. But the challenge for the track system designer is to combine the requirements of the concrete foundations with its reinforcement and expansion joints with the needs of the rail system. Hole positioning is most important. There may be a need for rail fixed points and earthing. There is also a need for high accuracy sometimes combined with corrosion protection. Bolts for fixing sole plates need to be made such that they will not rotate on being tightened. Gantrail also supply more sophisticated system which allow for releveling a rail after installation.


The upper surface of poured concrete it very weak and will not support the loads imposed by a steel crane wheel. The surface needs to be cleared of soft material before the gap between the structural concrete and the steel sole plate.is filed with high strength grout. Gantrail supply two types of grout for the majority of applications. Some cases require the strength of an epoxy based system whereas others can accept special cement bases grouts. Smaller qualities of fast curing polyester grouts are used to secure bolts in premade holes in concrete.

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