Anchor Bolts

Anchor Bolts

There are the several options for holding down bolt placement, soleplate levelling and grouting. The choice of the most appropriate can have a significant impact on the cost and ease of installation. Gantrail prepare proposal drawings with many quotations based on their knowledge of the application. However local conditions may make alternative solutions more appropriate. We have a large number of standard drawings that are also available on request. Alternatively, cost savings may be achieved using different procedures and details on site. This note shows some options and identifies some of the advantages and disadvantages.

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Holding down bolt levelling options

Bolt Levelling Options

J-bolt or deformed bar cast into concrete

Cheap materials

Reduced positional accuracy

Soleplates may not fit over bolts

Bolt Levelling Options

Angle cut bar threaded into drilled hole

Very accurate

Soleplate holes can be used as template

May hit reinforcement on drilling

Bolt Levelling Options

Void formed on casting

Gantrail sell specialised void forming tubes

Economic with cement based grout

Expensive to fill with epoxy/poly grout

Bolt Levelling Options

Cast into proprietary removal bolt sleeve

Tolerant to inaccuracies

High strength with simplicity

Complicated formwork to hold dummy soleplate

Bolt Levelling Options

Notched soleplate, cover plate then drill bolt holes

Position can be changed on site if reinforcement struck

More parts and operations

Welders may not be available during fitting

Zinc must be removed before welding to galvanised plates

Bolt Levelling Options

Threaded bar cast in threaded sleeve

Easier re-levelling and lifting of soleplate

Caters for settlement

Difficulty to ensure accuracy

More parts/expense


Bolt Levelling Options

Levelling screw through welded nut

Cheap and easy to use

Nuts often removed during transit

Can become a load path

Can become bonded to grout

Bolt Levelling Options

Levelling nut under soleplate

Low material cost (+1 nut/washer)

No need to remove levelling screws

Sometimes cannot access nut in trench

Fibre washer must be used before grouting

Bolt Levelling Options

Drilled and tapped soleplate

Easy to use on site

No increase in soleplate dimensions

Expensive to drill and tap

Set screws must be removed for bolt tightening

Set screws often bond to grout


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