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Crane Buffers

It is essential that the use and high capital cost of a crane is protected from damage due to impact with other cranes or track end stops. Good quality buffers are the preferred solution. Gantrail offers hydraulic crane buffers of the highest quality. During recent years production cranes and automated warehousing systems have increased in size and speed.

The hydraulic heavy-duty shock absorber was developed to transform the impact into heat and to slow down the system in a controlled manner by minimising the end forces.

Compared to standard devices such as springs and rubber buffers, the shock absorber is the most cost effective and reliable method for reducing the energy transmitted during an impact.

A large range of more than 100 standard heavy duty absorbers with different capacities and stroke lengths have been developed to meet the increasing demands of our customers.

Due to our CNC – based production we have also established a strong reputation for providing a quick and flexible response to modifications and specials.

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Crane Buffer Specifications

Model Stroke Energy/Stroke Counterforce
LDS 32 50mm - 600mm 2,000NM - 24,000NM 50,000N
LDS 40 50mm - 1,200mm 3,000NM - 51,000NM 80,000N
LDS 50 50mm - 1,200mm 4,000NM - 76,000NM 67,000N - 120,000N
LDS 75 50mm - 1,200mm 9,600NM - 144,000NM 150,000N - 240,000N
HLS 63 100mm - 600mm 15,000NM - 90,000NM 180,000N
HLS 100 200mm - 600mm 76,000NM - 230,000NM 455,000N

LDS Model

The LDS range was developed for automated warehousing systems and stacker crane applications. Four different series are available with piston diameters of 32, 40, 50 and 75mm and strokes of 50 to 1,200mm. The energy capacity reaches from 2,000 up to 144,000 Nm. The deceleration characteristic is manufactured according to the requirements of the customer. The housing is zinc plated or painted, the piston rod is hard chrome-plated.

LDS Crane Buffers
HLS Crane Buffers

HLS Model

The HLS - range was developed for heavy production cranes and swivel bridges. 2 series are available with piston diameters of 63 and 100mm and strokes of 100 to 600mm. The energy capacity reaches from 15,000 up to 230,000 Nm. The deceleration characteristic is manufactured according to the requirements of the customer. The housing is zinc plated or painted, the piston rod is hard chrome-plated.


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