Boom Hinge System

Boom Hinge System

The Gantrail Boom Hinge System is specifically designed to protect booms on ship-to-store cranes, which regularly experience harsh operating conditions, often leading to earlier system failure and crane operator discomfort.

This product is proven to withstand issues such as high-impact forces and the corrosive environment in which booms on ship-to-store cranes operate, ensuring your project can be completed as seamlessly as possible.

Solutions to these issues have been worked on for several years, with various crane rail system suppliers attempting to design products capable of withstanding the harsh operating conditions to little avail – which showcases the demand and needs for the Boom Hinge System from Gantrail.

We’ve meticulously focused on areas like our clamp design, a specially crafted rail head profile, and rail anchors to give crane operators total peace of mind that the rail will not move during use, or when the boom is raised.

How We Did It

The Gantrail Boom Hinge System was developed by our experienced in-house technical team.

During a process that spanned several years, our team examined reported failures across multiple sites, whilst researching boom trolley rail systems and existing designs.

Once we were satisfied with our product, we put it through rigorous digital simulation and physical testing, under the same or more extreme conditions than experienced in the field.

The tests carried out included measuring cyclic fatigue, static strength, rail wear at the rail transition, completed under strict observation, with recording measures ensuring our total confidence in the results.

The results in question were that the Gantrail solution passed the fatigue and strength test with zero failures and was shown to reduce the wheel vibrations.

About The Product

The Gantrail Boom Hinge System has specially designed features in order for it to excel in the most testing of environments, consisting of a new patent pending clamp and a short rail design.


The Gantrail Short Rail

-Specially designed profile matched into the rail head.

• The profile allows for smoother transition between the rails at the hinge rail joint.

• Reduced rail wear.

• Increased driver comfort.

• Reduces system replacements and down time due to maintenance.

The Gantrail Boom Hinge Clamp

• Produces a clamping force to hold the rail in place throughout the life of the system.

• Adjustable height to mitigate any extreme stress caused by varying bed heights.

• Adjustable height allows for a variety of rail profiles to be used.

• Specially designed curve bolt and recess that allows the bolt to swivel with the clamp. Stress in the bolt caused by varying heights is reduced.

How Gantrail Short Rail System Extends Crane Life and Reduces Maintenance

The Gantrail Short Rail System tackles the challenges faced by traditional short rail designs at the boom hinge of cranes, particularly in the choppy UK seas. Here’s how it works:

Reduced Stress & Vibration:

• Traditional short rails have a single contact point that concentrates stress and causes wear at the hinge.
• Gantrail’s innovative rail head profile creates a double contact path distributing stress and reducing wear for longer rail life.
• This double contact also creates a smoother transition over the hinge gap, minimising vibrations for smoother crane operation.

Precise Adjustment & Stability:

• The Gantrail Clamp features a curved profile and bolt that allows for continuous vertical adjustment. This ensures perfect alignment even with slight rail level variations.
• Gantrail 1216/15 welded base clips provide additional sideload resistance. This keeps the rail securely in place throughout operation.
• Rail anchors prevent any longitudinal movement of the rail, giving operators confidence during use.

Overall Benefits:

• The Gantrail Short Rail System extends the lifespan of your crane rails by reducing stress and wear.
• Smoother operation minimises vibrations, lowering maintenance needs and operator fatigue.
• Precise adjustability and secure anchoring ensure optimal performance and safety.


For a swift and successful Gantrail Short Rail installation, follow these simple steps.

Firstly, to guarantee a perfect fit, the contractor needs access to accurate supporting beam survey data and existing system measurements. It’s important to note that replacing just the short rail itself isn’t recommended. The boom hinge undergoes immense wear after hundreds of thousands of cycles, and minor but consequential shifts can develop in the boom and girder over time. These shifts can throw off the alignment of the short rail. To ensure optimal performance, replacing both the short rail and any worn components is the best course of action.

Next, proper surface preparation and alignment are essential. The top surface of the stringers, where the short rail sits, must be meticulously cleaned down to the bare metal. This eliminates any debris or unevenness that could cause misalignment. Additionally, using new clips and clamps is vital for a secure and precisely aligned short rail system.

Finally, achieving a level installation surface on both sides of the boom hinge is paramount for perfect system alignment. Depending on the condition of your support beam, various methods might be necessary for levelling or repairs. Gantrail can assist you in determining the most suitable approach for your specific system. Feel free to contact our friendly customer service team to discuss your needs.

By following these steps and ensuring a meticulous installation process, you can minimise potential misalignment between the boom and girder. This essentially restores the short rail system to a “like-new” condition, not only extending its lifespan but also significantly improving the performance and smooth operation of the trolley.

For comprehensive installation instructions, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.


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