Adjustable Soleplates

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Can be re-levelled with minimal downtime

Adjustable Soleplates

The Gantrail fully adjustable re-levelling and re-alignment crane rail system has been designed  for all situations where post-installation vertical and horizontal settlements/movements of the foundation are expected in both the short and long term.

With the ever increasing demands for space to build new or expand container port backup yards, reclaiming land has become commonplace but with this comes many challenges for the designers, not least is the issue of foundation settlement and how to deal with it.

With many construction projects now taking the form of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) or Design and Build, it is the Contractor’s responsibility to develop the most cost effective solution that meets the client’s performance specification.

To design a foundation that will not move is unrealistic and ultimately not cost effective. The Gantrail re-levelling and re-alignment system offers designers an economical solution that allows significant cost reductions in foundation design by allowing reasonable amounts of settlement to occur post installation.

If the crane rail system begins to move outside of operational tolerances, it can be re-levelled or re-aligned with minimal downtime.

This makes concrete beam type construction a more viable option and serious alternative to traditional concrete sleeper and ballast systems that require regular annual maintenance and associated downtime.


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