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Gantrail has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of rails. The approach to the selection of rails differs around the world. Rails are not always rolled as frequently as industry demands. Thus Gantrail often suggests alternative or equivalent rail to their customers.

There are well over 100 rail selections to choose from. The main types are as follows:

The crane supplier may suggest a rail but if he does not, then as a minimum he should supply the head width of the rail. In designing or checking an installation it is our practice to try to check that the rail will be suitable, i.e.

Crane Rail Sizing

Crane rail section

Heavy Duty Crane Rails

Rail with thick web

Flanged Crane Rails

Rectangular flanged rail

Thin Webbed Crane Rail

Rail with thin web

Rail Drawings

A problem arises when a rail is chosen that is infrequently rolled. Steel Mills normally concentrate on rolling commonly used products and crane rails are not always given priority. As a consequence Gantrail often have to suggest an alternative section. As there may be insufficient information to carry out a full check of the rail, Gantrail have developed systems that will give a good measure of confidence at an early stage in the project cycle.

Crane Rail steels are formulated to give high wear resistance together with a suitable tensile strength. The strength ranges from 550N/mm to 1100N/mm but are typically in the range 600 to 900N/mm.

Gantrail have details on rails from the following countries:

We can supply drawings in PDF or DWG format and we have extensive information on the sections that have been drawn and had all their properties checked and tabulated.


We work on a diverse range of projects throughout the world, each bringing its own specific requirements, challenges and examples of best practice and innovation.

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