Individual Soleplates

For lighter applications where a rail needs to be mounted on concrete individual sole plates are the economical solution. They can be fastened with two or four holding down bolts and supplied with clips, all bolts and grout.

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  • Individual sole plates use half to a third of the materials as compared with continuous
  • The force from the crane wheel is passed into the sole plate and then into the holding down bolts and grout supporting the plate
  • For very light applications, the clip can be placed on the holding down bolt

Continuous Soleplates

Heavier crane rails or heavier duty applications need the strength of continuous support when the rail is supported on concrete structure. Continuous sole plates can be used with bolt fixed or welded clips. However, it is often economical to do more work off site and use welded base clips. The design, layout, manufacture and installation of continuous sole plates are not straightforward and require carefully planning an execution.

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  • Continuous sole plates with welded base clips and epoxy based grouts supply the strongest most reliable solution for heavy duty crane rails mounted on concrete
  • Cement bases grouts can be used and are useful when large gaps between the concrete and sole plate need to be filled
  • Sole plates can be earthed and bonded to the rail to give lightening protection

Steel Soleplates

Concrete is too soft to be able to support crane rails. Thus it is normal to surface the concrete with steel in the form of discontinuous or continuous soleplates. These are fixed in position with anchor bolts. It is most important that they are correctly levelled. Gantrail provides design advice as well as all the materials required for an installation.

Crane Rails on Concrete

Many rails must be mounted on concrete. The components in such an installation are:

Continuous Soleplates

Gantrail have many years experience installing continuous sole plates and have tried and tested methods to ensure accurate alignment with a design of suitable strength and durability.  Not all civil engineering contractors have experience in this type of installation.

Continuous rail support on steel soleplates is the option for heavy duty applications with wheel loads of >30 tonnes. Soleplates are typically 6 meters in length and tend to be supplied with a thickness of 20mm or more. Soleplates are often galvanised for outdoor applications. When rail clips are to be welded this must be done before galvanising.

Discontinuous / Individual Soleplates

Gantrail have many years experience in installing individual sole plates in all the industrial and storage application that are common.  We can supply suitable designs tighter with all the materials and the installation when required.

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