Continuous Rail Pads

Gantrail continuous crane rail pads are designed for installations which require continuous structural rail support.

  • Perfect for continuous support
  • Steel reinforced resilient pad
  • Suited for heavy duty use
  • New fluted surfaces

Individual Rail Pads

Gantrail discontinuous crane rail pads are designed for installations where rails are mounted on individual soleplates.

  • Significantly reduces stresses
  • Suited to individual soleplates
  • Increases rail system lifespans
  • Eliminates fretting corrosion
Risk Reductions icon

Reduced noise and vibration

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Improved load distribution

Peace of Mind icon

Reduced rail wear

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Reduced fatigue failure

Crane Rail Pads

Crane Rail Pad

Gantrail resilient crane rail pads are designed to allow the rail to move and rotate by small amounts. When rails are on pad – called soft mounting – this helps to ensure a more even stress distribution between the crane wheel and rail and also between the rail and the surface on which it is fixed. Gantrail sell two pad types for continuously supported rail and discontinuous mounting.

Resilient Crane Rail Pads

Gantrail Mark 2 elastomers pad is used under rails that are discontinuously supported.

Gantrail Mark 7 and Mark 8 steel reinforced continuous pads are used under rails which are continuously supported.

A ‘soft mounted’ rail has many distinct advantages, not least a reduction in noise levels and vibration. Moreover, the resilient pad compensates for any uneven surfaces in the rail or steel support and thereby distributes the wheel load over a larger area. This reduces load concentrations and fatigue in the support structure. The Mark VII pad has a grooved surface that results in a non linear load deflection characteristic thereby controlling rail bending stresses.

A further advantage is the prevention of fretting corrosion between the rail and the supporting nominal steelwork. The standard resilient pad is 7 mm thick and is normally supplied in widths less than the rail base width.

Crane Rail Pads

Gantrail pad can be supplied for any crane or railway rail. It is supplied at just under the width of the foot of the rail so that the adjustable Gantrail clips can fit tightly to the foot of the rail.

Pad can reduce by a significant amount the stress on the crane runway beam or girder

Using pad reduces the risk of fatigue failure in the support structure

Pad can allow the rail to rotate by small amounts and this means that the crane wheel can force the rail into a position where there is good contact across the whole width of the head of the rail.

Pad eliminates the metal to metal contact between the steel rails and is its steel support. Thus it substantially reduces the wear, fretting and corrosion between the rail and the support. This is particularly valuable in outdoor applications or places where oil grease and moisture are to be found.

The elastomer Mark 2 pad and the steel reinforced Mark 7 and Mark 8 pads have been tested and are approximately five times stronger in compression than needed for the highest crane wheel load.


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