A Look Back on 20 Years of Commitment and Passion

If you’d asked me when I started with Gantrail whether I expected to be still working here 20 years later, the answer probably would have been a ‘no’. But all this time later, here I remain, as passionate as ever about the incredible work that we do, across the world. So, I recently started to think about what has kept me here for so long and I came up with a couple of thoughts which I would like to share with you all.

Firstly, it’s because of the talented people that I’ve worked with over my career and who I continue to work with to this day. I can’t talk about the people without mentioning Warwick Faville who mentored me during my early years with the company, and to whom I owe a great deal. I’ve always been surrounded by a fantastic team of highly experienced individuals, and I couldn’t do what I do without their continued support and loyalty. Ultimately, Gantrail is a ‘people’ company and always has been since the days we were owned by the Molyneux family. It’s the great working atmosphere and collaborative environment that keeps so many employees here for the long term. Across 21 employees, we retain 279 years of expertise, an average of 13.2 years per employee; how many companies can say that! This is what makes it a great place to work because we’re an agile, close-knit team who has a ‘can-do’ attitude and we’re willing to go the extra mile.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, it’s because I remain as passionate and. enthusiastic about our products and the industry today as I did when I first started. In my time with Gantrail, I’m proud to have been part of the team that redeveloped our range of clip and pad products which were originally developed by Kins Developments more than 50 years ago and for which we were the first company to sell under license. Since then, we have continued to advance crane rail fixing technology with new patented products and, under my tenure, the business is now investing more than ever before in research and development. We are constantly pushing the boundaries looking for continuous improvement and innovation so that we can create future fit products for our distributors and direct customers worldwide.

I’m really excited about the new products we have in the current pipeline, and about the innovations in product and performance that our teams will create for the industry in the decades to come. The work that we do has a major impact on our planet and a sustainable future, alongside the movement of goods across the globe and I like to think that I, along with the incredible Gantrail team and network of official partners can keep business moving for years to come.


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