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We say farewell and thank you to Lyn Martin as she takes retirement

Lyn Martin has been a key member of the Gantrail team supporting Malcolm Gray as part of the Sales and Customer Service team. Since joining the company in 2004, she has provided support across a wide array of operational activities and has helped us build a reputation for quality and outstanding customer support. Now, almost 20 years since she joined us, Lyn is taking a well-deserved retirement. Having worked alongside Lyn for many years, Malcolm Gray is best placed to share his thoughts on Lyn and the huge impact she has made.

“Lyn has been a conscientious, reliable, committed, and dependable colleague since the day she started with the company. She employs a practical, common-sense approach and has the respect of everyone not only within the company but from the numerous people working for our Agents and Distributors that she has been in regular communication with over the years. The entire company, but I specifically, have been truly fortunate that she chose to stay with us for so many years.  It has been a joy to work with her for so long – she has really been an invaluable member of the team and being able to rely on her varied skills has undoubtedly helped me enormously in performing my role. Her knowledge, experience and organisational capability is going to be sorely missed by everyone.  Before the many years dedicated to Gantrail she had a career in the military and now absolutely deserves the opportunity to take it easy! Everyone at Gantrail wishers her all the very best for a long and active retirement.”

Wishing you a wonderful retirement Lyn with our thanks for the incredible commitment and loyalty that you have shown over your career as part of our Gantrail team.