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Celebrating 20 years of professionalism and loyal teamwork.

At Gantrail we have many things that we can feel exceptionally proud of. Be that the way we have grown over the last half a century, the relationships we have with many of the leading lights in the industry or the quality of product we produce. But none of these things would be possible without our team and the service and dedication that they show, every single day. One such example of this dedication can be seen in our colleague RadhaKrishnan, Administrator for the Middle East, who recently hit the 20-year milestone with our business. So, after all this time, let’s find out what has kept him loyal and dedicated for two decades.

So, Radha, 20 years with one company is a long time! What is about Gantrail that has kept you working here for so long?

“It really comes down to the Management. Before joining Gantrail, I had worked for several companies in Bombay and Dubai. Large and small, great to work for and some less so, I’d had different experiences with each employer. Since joining Gantrail, my life has changed a lot and I have found structure and stability which has been key. The culture at Gantrail is unlike anything I had come across before. I have felt genuine affection from colleagues and management, and this has given me the confidence and freedom to develop and build my skills. Throughout my career I have always felt trusted, respected and also that they really
understand and know me. This is so important to me. Plus, I very much enjoy the culture at Gantrail and the congenial atmosphere that exists between us, wherever in the world we are located. I must also mention Malcolm Trigg, now retired, who during his time always took the time to make sure that I was well and enjoying my job. I will always be grateful to

And it seems Malcolm agrees.

“Radha joined us early in 2000 fully expecting to work alongside the area manager who was
located in Dubai and operating out of the same office. Very soon after circumstances
changed and he found himself working in the office alone under my guidance. I would make
regular visits spending a week or so at a time in Dubai but essentially Radha had to manage
by himself. He was, quite frankly, amazing. In all my long career I have never come across
anyone else so loyal and so hard working. Gantrail has much to be thankful for and Radha
has much to be proud of. It was a great pleasure to work with him.”

Radha, in your experience, how does Gantrail deliver great customer service?

“Without a doubt. Gantrail has a unique ability to make customers see our teams as an
extension of their own. For example, when a customer gets in touch, they feel like they are
calling colleagues, not just a supplier.”

And what about the future?

“These are difficult times for all business. But, with the professionalism and customer care
that Gantrail has become known for, I am sure that the company has a very bright future
and will flourish even further in the years to come.”

And to wrap up, what would be your final words on Gantrail?

“A thoroughly professional organisation that puts its people and clients at the heart of
everything it does.”