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New 4 Series Clip Range Now Launched

As trusted leaders in our field, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. We are therefore delighted to announce the release of our latest generation of crane rail fixing clips.

The Gantrail 4 Series range, available immediately, builds upon the proven and tested product features delivered across our 3 Series range, but with the development of new technical characteristics that deliver even greater installation, performance and maintenance benefits to our clients. Speaking of this latest innovation Managing Director Peter Bygrave says:

 “The 3 series range of clips has become a well-established and trusted range, used in many projects across the world. However, we saw a real opportunity to take our learnings from a number of applications and project conditions and evolve the range further. The new 4 Series does exactly this. With a range of new features and benefits, enhancements can be seen at every stage of the product lifecycle. These include simple upgrades such as the incorporation of a drain hole to prevent a build up of standing water to more advanced features such as the new rotating washer which ensures all components are engaged and locked during installation (patent pending). I am proud of the work that our technical teams have done to deliver this new range and very much look forward to feedback from the market as it is rolled out across our contracts.”

Download the latest Technical Data Sheets here


Project Win At Pipavav Port

We are delighted to announce that Gantrail has been selected as partner for the Pipavav Port Berth 1 project in India. Having worked previously on Berths 2 and 3 at Pipavav, this latest contract win speaks of the trust that the client has placed in our teams. From an initial survey in 2018, courtesy of our agent Gallant Engineering, and the delivery of findings and associated refurbishment recommendations , we have recently secured the order for materials supply. Peter Bygrave, Managing Director said, “This is another great example of partnerships, performance and trust and we are delighted to have secured the project.”

Celebrating 20 years of professionalism and loyal teamwork.

At Gantrail we have many things that we can feel exceptionally proud of. Be that the way we have grown over the last half a century, the relationships we have with many of the leading lights in the industry or the quality of product we produce. But none of these things would be possible without our team and the service and dedication that they show, every single day. One such example of this dedication can be seen in our colleague RadhaKrishnan, Administrator for the Middle East, who recently hit the 20-year milestone with our business. So, after all this time, let’s find out what has kept him loyal and dedicated for two decades.

So, Radha, 20 years with one company is a long time! What is about Gantrail that has kept you working here for so long?

“It really comes down to the Management. Before joining Gantrail, I had worked for several companies in Bombay and Dubai. Large and small, great to work for and some less so, I’d had different experiences with each employer. Since joining Gantrail, my life has changed a lot and I have found structure and stability which has been key. The culture at Gantrail is unlike anything I had come across before. I have felt genuine affection from colleagues and management, and this has given me the confidence and freedom to develop and build my skills. Throughout my career I have always felt trusted, respected and also that they really
understand and know me. This is so important to me. Plus, I very much enjoy the culture at Gantrail and the congenial atmosphere that exists between us, wherever in the world we are located. I must also mention Malcolm Trigg, now retired, who during his time always took the time to make sure that I was well and enjoying my job. I will always be grateful to

And it seems Malcolm agrees.

“Radha joined us early in 2000 fully expecting to work alongside the area manager who was
located in Dubai and operating out of the same office. Very soon after circumstances
changed and he found himself working in the office alone under my guidance. I would make
regular visits spending a week or so at a time in Dubai but essentially Radha had to manage
by himself. He was, quite frankly, amazing. In all my long career I have never come across
anyone else so loyal and so hard working. Gantrail has much to be thankful for and Radha
has much to be proud of. It was a great pleasure to work with him.”

Radha, in your experience, how does Gantrail deliver great customer service?

“Without a doubt. Gantrail has a unique ability to make customers see our teams as an
extension of their own. For example, when a customer gets in touch, they feel like they are
calling colleagues, not just a supplier.”

And what about the future?

“These are difficult times for all business. But, with the professionalism and customer care
that Gantrail has become known for, I am sure that the company has a very bright future
and will flourish even further in the years to come.”

And to wrap up, what would be your final words on Gantrail?

“A thoroughly professional organisation that puts its people and clients at the heart of
everything it does.”

Incredible career spanning half a century comes to a well deserved end!

John Vaughn (R) pictured with Malcolm Trigg

Late last month, we said goodbye to John Vaughn, the longest standing member of the Gantrail team, as he took his well deserved retirement after more than 30 years with the business.

As if his 30+ years with Gantrail wasn’t impressive enough, John had in fact worked for the former owners of Gantrail since the tender age of 19. So retiring at 70, John is one of only a few people that will have seen some of the most significant changes to the industry during his 51 year long career.

“One of the most obvious changes I have witnessed is the role of technology. I remember back in the early days of Gantrail, working alone at a bench, fixing rubber noses to our clips. I kept diligent records of the products completed each week and can recall that in an average month I would have worked on 15,000 clips.”

John goes on to recall how he turned the production into a true family affair bringing his father in law in to assist him in the factory. And fittingly, as a family, is very much how John sees his entire career. It was back when John was only 16 years old and working as a coal man that a chance meeting brought him and George Molyneux into contact. George, at the time, ran a successful steelwork fabrication business that had a crane rail tracks division, and took John on to start work on 9th April 1968 as a Steel Errecting Radial Arm Driller. In 1990, John recalls sitting with Mr Molyneux in his Range Rover when he said “John I have another job for you”, referring to his recent purchase of Gantry Railing Limited. So in July 1990 John started his Gantrail career as Stores Supervisor, and remained a key member of the team right the way through to October this year. Mr Molyneux remained Chairman of Gantrail until his death in 2010, but John continued his career for as long as he could, as much out of a continued duty to Mr Molyneux as from his respect for his fellow team colleagues.

Having worked for 3 Managing Directors during his time with Gantrail, John has seen the business develop into a global success, and everyone at Gantrail respects the hard work John put in some 30 years ago to help set the foundations for its success.


Shaping the Future: A look back on the journey to success of a dedicated, committed and inspiring leader.

Malcolm Trigg recently celebrated his retirement as Managing Director of Gantrail. Having joined the company 27 years ago, Malcolm has quite literally delivered the Gantrail brand to customers, contractors and consultants worldwide and been instrumental in building the reputation that the Gantrail brand now has on a global stage. In this interview Malcolm shares the secrets of his success and we hear from others who have been with him on his remarkable journey.

Where did your journey with Gantrail begin?

I joined the company in 1992 as Sales Office Manager at the Head Office in Gloucester. At the time Gantrail were looking to expand overseas sales and were looking at building a network of distributors and agents to do this. I was keen to take on a new challenge and felt that this was a company that was growing both in size and in sophistication.

I liked the company straight away but I also recognised the lack of a formal approach to marketing or strategic sales. The team at the time comprised 13 people with a small network of agents and distributors. Its worth pointing out though that there are a couple of distributors from those early days that are still working with us today, Krug and Kranel to name just two.

Retiring now as MD, 27 years on the company is in a very different position. What do you think has been the secret behind your success?

From the very start I was always happy in front of a customer. Out on the road, meeting new people, and building relationships; this is what I loved to do. To me this seemed perfectly natural. I remember I used to get in my car, like many in those days, with no satnav and no channel tunnel, and I would sit with my carefully planned out maps and routes that I had worked on the night before, and set off on some epic road journeys. I would travel around Europe, clocking up 1000s of miles and be away for up to 3 weeks at a time. The effort that I put in was quickly recognised by those that I met and the effort was respected. Before too long I was expanding my radius of travel and setting off further afield to extend our network. So, really, the secret to my success was quite literally going the extra mile and taking myself and the Gantrail brand out on the road to meet the people that we wanted to work with.

Of all your achievements during your time at Gantrail what are you most proud of?

It’s almost impossible to choose just one – there have been so many highlights. If I may I will call upon three.

Firstly, the fact that Gantrail is now a global brand sitting front of mind with the major contactors and consultants throughout the world.  We are globally recognised as a world leader in our field and I am proud of the part I played in making this happen.

Secondly, I take immense pride in seeing the way that the technical expertise of Gantrail has developed. The research and development that takes place plus the culture of innovation and continuous improvement which is now firmly bedded into everything we do; these come together to enable our Technical team to design and develop cutting edge products that answer some of industries greatest crane rail challenges.

And finally, a real milestone for the business, and me was when we broke into North America in 1996 and started working with Atlantic Track who we still work with to this day.

What most excites you about the future of Gantrail?

I truly believe that the team I leave behind is the best team that there has ever been at Gantrail. This coupled with the new technology and opportunity that is available to them means that they will go from strength to strength and really build on the great position that they are now in.

I am so proud of everything and everyone and I know that you will all continue to do well. I know that I am leaving Gantrail in the most capable of hands and I look forward to watching how the company continues to develop and thrive, taking advantage of the fantastic opportunities that lie ahead.

Peter Bygrave, who Malcolm was directly responsible for bringing on board, takes over as Managing Director, building on the work that Malcolm has done.

Peter, how did your Gantrail journey begin?

When I started with the company in 2001, I came on board as an Applications Engineer and part of my role was to support Malcolm’s sales efforts with Technical support and presentations.  I briefly left the company in 2002 to expand my knowledge in a range of engineering disciplines but Malcolm was instrumental in bringing me back to the company as Technical Manager in 2003.  He must have seen something in me for which I am eternally grateful.

And how would your sum up the contribution that Malcolm has made?  

Malcolm has always had a strong vision for the company and big ambitions. Since he joined as Sales and Marketing Director, he has almost single-handedly put the Gantrail name on the world stage, where we are now considered one of the world leaders in crane rail system technology.  During that time, he has created not only a family of long-standing employees within the company, but also a diverse family of agents and distributors, the world over, whom we have worked with for many years.

So Malcolm, to wrap up, how would you like to be remembered?

I hope that people remember me for the effort I put in, during the good times and also during times that were more challenging for us all. I hope they see me as someone who never gave up and, just like a family, we kept smiling and worked hard together to keep moving forwards. I would like to be remembered as someone who was passionate about the company and the industry and who played fair – never discrediting the competition and never embellishing the truth. Just a straightforward guy, who worked hard and did the best for the company and everyone that I met along the way.


I wanted to sincerely thank Malcolm for all these years of excellent cooperation. Thank you for his professionalism, listening and support during many years. I really wish him the best for the future and I want to tell him that I was proud to work alongside him – Claudiu ORODEL – Asecom Rails


I was introduced to Malcolm … on the Mozal Project in Mozambique in early 2000’s.  We had been looking for a complimentary product to our existing product range at the company I then owned, Horne Hydraulics. Malcolm made several sales and marketing visits to South Africa to get my technical and sales team up to speed. Every one of those visits were memorable-once Malcolm starts with his story telling, we all go silent and listen intently to his many experiences and interactions from his travels around the globe – Hamilton Stephenson – Technogrid (Pty) Ltd